Reference and comparison for aquaponic systems

The web is full of successful stories about aquaponics. But we are not sure about the economics around aquaponics. We are on the way to establish different system layouts in the color garden and campus of UNIIE. As part of this project we want to know, how to build a system in smaller and medium size, how to make it profitable and what are daily needs of a running system.

As reference and for a possibility to compare the aquaponics system we created in the same space and location a “classical layout” (raised bed).

Soil and olive harvesting waste mixed with local soil

We mixed soil waste and olive tree leaves from the local agriculture cooperative with our own soil from the garden.

planting lettuce on new raised beds

We planted salad (lettuce) and onions and spinach in a first trial.

new raised beds in the UNIIE campus

We set up four raised beds in early january 2018.

In each bed we placed 16 – 32 plants (one square meter). We are pouring two times per week with 10 liters of water per bed.

We will harvest and mesure in march 2018.