Reforming a raised bed with natural stones

another raised bed in the color garden of the CASAdelDRAGON

It seems like a day to day job to rebuild the stone walls form our raised beds. Collecting stones, moving the stones, buildung or rebuilding the walls, an amazing work. Together with we finished this job. The rotten wood in the center will store rain water and attract snails (so it is easier to collect them in the morning.


lost space after summer 2016 – moving the ground and collect herbs

This was the original situation in september 2016 after a lost summer.  We moved the ground, collected some herbs and mixed the soil with some organic waste of the compost.


preparing the walls – covering the soil with straw and dry organic materials

At the end it was 2 man-days working to clean and prepare this bed for the new season. We are looking forward to prepare the next bed soon. Thanks to David for the help!


end of the day – well prepared for the new season

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