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Let us create a network of like-minded loactions-of-interest worldwide and create sign posts as a physical manifestation. Living community, eco-village, permaculture project, alternative education camp, so many good initiatives are florishing. If we welcome visitors, we should them, there are a lot more interesting locations.

sign post in the art camp CASAdelDRAGON Spain

It is so easy! Set up your own sign post. Be inspired here and here and here. Then use the form below to caltulate the distance and the angle of an arrow you want to mount. To start you need to find the coordinates of your own location (Latitude and Longitude). Use OpenStreetMap and check your coordinates.

Choose the link Destinaion below where you want to point on from your sign post. Then add your coordinates in the form. Hit the button CALCULATE and you will get Distance and Angle from your Sign post to mount the arrow properly. You might download this image to notice the angle. This makes it easier to assemble the arrow later on the sign post using a compass.

You would like to see an arrow at our sign post in Spain in the art camp? Contact us and send us a picture of your signpost with the arrow pointing to us.

CASAdelDRAGON – Spain – 40.45434,0.27540 – OSM coordinates | Use as Destination

MARTHAS HOME – Germany – 50.78453,7.4992 – OSM coordinates | Use as Destination


Add YOUR Latitute here (40.4546024)

Add YOUR Longitute here (0.276454)

Add DESTINATION Latitute here (30.4546024)

Add DESTINATION Longitute here (2.276454)

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