social time equals happiness

It might be a question, if social time in any case is equals to happiness and even to discuss the meaning of social could lead abroad. In this case we like to focus only on some events happening in the art camp just after finishing the new oven in January 2019.

social gathering in the color garden

To proof the function we invited some neighbours and friends to join us to cook in the garden. Beside four highly interested dogs (see the photo above) we had visitors from Costa Rica, Spain, Netherlands, the States and from Germany.

We tried out a lot of different food to heat up in the oven, like fish, vegetables, pizza, bread and cereals.

Coming together in a finca connects people to ancient history of the location and with Spain in general. We like a lot these gatherings in which people come together for no other reason than spending leasure time together.

As any event we need to create a kind of motivation, a reason. Sharing food, recepies and some stories is mostly enough. On a beautiful sunny day in early spring in spain we gathered in the art camp, where the new oven is located.

Some friends moved a mobile rocket stove in the garden to heat up cous-cous and a vegetables in a tagine as well.

tagine with chicken and figs and cous cous

Thomas, the Chef de Cuisine, shoed up with an extremly tasty combination of chicken and figs and vegetables.

We like to continue to figure out these types of events and wish you all happy social time in the art camp of CASAdelDRAGON.