solidarity and confidence

solidarity and confidence - planting vegetables for our future
solidarity and confidence – planting vegetables for our future – Dilan’s first raised bed in the color garden of FamiliaFeliz

Today our local mayor – following national law – limited public access and even interaction with officials. The world, and specially countries like Italy, France and Spain are experiencing a unique challenge driven by COVID-19.

We decide based on our past and we will be judged based on our future.

Juan Petry, artist

All life is falling back to privacy in flats and houses. We are living in a little village in the countryside and we are happy to stay over the day in our big garden, full of flowers, salads, vegetables and fruits.

Every person is triggered by love or fear. Both are implemented into our thoughts to motivate us. But only love leads us to arrive in a joyful future.

anonymus, artist and friend of CASAdelDRAGON

On one side its right to follow the law and to limit social contacts, on the other side there is a big impact even for youth. The new generation is passing a fundamental lession about their relation to other people and to nature at all.

Actually we are planting vegetables in our garden. We trust in a future, and we deliver confidence to a new generation. We will share what we will harvest and we will give to those who need it.

And we enjoy the solidarity between the inhabitants of our beautiful village in Castellon.