terrace gardening – cradle 2 cradle

cradle2cradle - upcycling
cradle2cradle – upcycling

In a more holistic way of thinking and doing we like to upcycle whatever is possible. We get sometimes donations of wood pallets and we store them in our color garden. As part of the terrace gardening project – which is growing as well – we used two pallets to create a new structure for tomato and some other plants.

cradle2cradle - recycling
cradle2cradle – recycling

The truth of upcycling is that – like every other action – it creates other types of waste. We collected the left overs form wood for heating. The ash will be re-used for our chicken stable (mixed with sand it reduce flies and tricks) and become later with the animal shit and add-on for our compost. The nails – separated in the heating process – we will use for natural ink production.

cradle2cradle - vertical garden segment
cradle2cradle – vertical garden segment

The vertical terrace garden segments contains three layer. At the bottom we created a box for planting to give stable weight to the segment. In the middle we are able to use the structure as a intermediate place for plants. The upper layer is designed for bottles to hold the soil for the tomato plants.

cradle2cradle - water storage
cradle2cradle – water storage

We filled the bottom of the box with wood pieces. These pieces are waste of orange box production and – because of its use to transport unwrapped fruits – not contaminated with poison. They will store water and manage humidity in the soil on top of them. Over the year they will be composted as well and therefore we create new organic material at the same time in the same place.

cradle2cradle - plants and hay
cradle2cradle – plants and hay

Like in our bigger raised beds in the color garden of CASAdelDRAGON we use hay to cover the soil between the plants.

cradle2cradle - preparing for a new challenge
cradle2cradle – preparing for a new challenge

To be able to route the tomato plant through the tiny spout of the plastic bottle we cut lower bigger leafs of the plant and prepare a soft fabric to hold the soil.

cradle2cradle - inventing tools
cradle2cradle – inventing tools

In the creative process of solving problems on the way we invented a little tool to help us to pass the spouts.

cradle2cradle - mounting preparating
cradle2cradle – mounting preparating

Every bottle is prepared with 5 wholes. Two of them are for later mounting in the structure. The other are used as a drainage of excess rainwater.

cradle 2 cradle - the first tomato plants bottled
cradle 2 cradle – the first tomato plants bottled

The first four bottles are in place. Now we are looking in the neighborhood for more plastic bottles.

These post, like others before about our terrace gardening project, like to inspire you for your own solutions (we will enjoy feedback and your ideas about other nice solutions to use the terrace as a vegetable garden).

We saw some videos about tomato plants inside of bottles. We like to discover this design and its pros and cons. We will keep you updated about the progress.

In working out these little vertical gardening segment we already get some more inspirations of new designs.

You can ever develop a bit more….

cradle 2 cradle - space for more - onions on top
cradle 2 cradle – space for more – onions on top