The taste of the future – planting fruit trees

planting fruit trees
planting fruit trees

30 of January 2020 we meet at 10am in the color garden to plant a couple of fruit trees. We will check existing trees. By pruning and cleaning we will maintain the project of plantation.

Meeting points: 9.50am CASAdelDRAGON or 10am Color Garden

Part of the foundation of a living community is a solution for cheap and healthy food.

To survive in the future you need to know what you can eat, where you can find it and how to protect it.

Juan Petry

In east spain we experience a change in clima. More heavy rain events with floodings and hot and dry sessions in summer are alternating.

In our fruit tree project we discover robust variations which can handle this new climatic conditions. Using strategies of fuzzy logic we act by setting up some local solutions and nature is teaching us, what might be sustainable.

You are welcome with your ideas. Lets meet and enjoy the planting session.