Vizita din Moldova – The visit from Moldova – Day 0

ApeaL - Visit - 2024 - food supply
ApeaL – Visit CASAdelDRAGON – 2024 – food supply

Part of CASAdelDRAGON’s social activities is to provide individuals and groups with low-threshold access to Spanish culture in Maestrazgo. There are many reasons to visit Cervera del Maestre and our Community. Some people come to us for art, some for education. Others are looking for community or cultural exchange.

The non-profit association Apeal from Bucharest told a partner in Moldova about CASAdelDRAGON and both associations organized a visit in 2024. For the period from April 30th until May 11th 10 young people from Moldova and Romania will visit the place, guided by 4 adults.

We are taking this as an opportunity to keep an online diary and will try to post an update from the past day every evening. Then the parents can read along and see what happens in the Year of the Dragon (Chinese calendar), in the Village of the Dragon (Faram) and in the House of the Dragon (CASAdelDRAGON).

Like many larger events, preparation begins long before the group arrives. On day 0 (before arrival) we made a major purchase. It is and always will be a logistical and economic challenge.

Tomorrow the plane will arrive at Castellon de la Plana regional airport.

Online diary:
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