Vizita din Moldova – The visit from Moldova – Day 11

apeal visit 2024 - supporter
apeal visit 2024 – supporter

At the end of this journey we would like to say thank you to countless supporters. Without this private, social commitment, such a project – which is not publicly funded or subsidized – would not have been possible.

Some supporters could be seen in the pictures, others stood and still stand in the background. Francesca (CAT), Miet (BEL) and Maria (COL) are represented here (left to right, surrounding Maria from Moldovia, the President of the youth organisation there).

The list will probably remain incomplete, but we would like to mention a few: Jens (GER), Antje (GER), Corinna (GER), Judy (US), Jon (US), Aura (NIC), Ludmila (MOL), Aria (ESP), Paul (UK), Lisa (CAN), Wilma (GER), Leslie (POR), Gwen (NL), Ben (NL), Agneska (POL), Didac (ESP), Monica(ESP).

This list is certainly much longer… but something catches your eye. This list is as international as this village of Cervera del Maestre and its residents.

apeal visit 2024 - airport castellon
apeal visit 2024 – airport castellon

La revedere.