when art serves people

when art serves people
when art serves people

Familiafeliz is engaged in art and alternative gardening. In our vegetable garden and in the color garden with the art camp area we are surrounded by many little and big artworks.

Many people are frightened about artificial intelligence. They dont see that human mankind was giving birth throughout artificial intelligence: we call it nature.

Juan Petry

Its a pleasure to stay in such an environment. We believe: “good” art serves the people!

Many of our green friends (gardeners, permaculture activists) have a very special relation to art itself. They often feel strongly that nature and its exprressions in flovers and real bioconstruction is the most beautiful thing on earth. They are right in the sense of this natural source of artificial intelligence. The construction of a leave, the mecanism in a flower, all this is indeed a very beautiful expression of art.

But part of art is the social implication. Art as a human expression is a way to communicate, for the producer in a sillent intimite dialoge, and with the audience in a smart and sometimes very sustainable way.

We think, if a gardener is surrounded by positive expressions of artists, he will harvest later more tasty food for all of us.

Today (2019-12-18) we cleaned the ground under a little fruittree in the vegetable garden. It was a pleasure working in the sun, looking the amazing art around us.

The little mango tree is still alive and we covered the soft ground with some grass. The tree with the number 26 is registered in our database and we added the working session in the activities – log.