Work of art – the taste of life

In most  cases “art” is something special, extraordinary, something beyond the “normal” context. Even contemporary art focusing on high benefit is usually not part of daily life. Familiafeliz is a contemporary living community and art and culture are very important for us, like health, happiness and tasty food.

After 22 years in a pinky bathroom it was time to renovate the installation and to think about a new design.


First of all we unmounted the old installations and replaced old fittings and tubes.


A new bathtub and a new toilette was installed.


White was selected as basic new color.


Instead of a shower tray we have now a flat floor. The little carrot is a very special detail and a reminiscence to our old friend Edgar Brons, artist, graphic designer and cartoonist.


As contrast to the strong geometric wall tiles Antje and Corinna started a mosaic inspired by “water”.


The spiral was  Corinna’s favorite in the new shower.


The white wall tile pieces are combined with spanish colorful ceramic pieces from Pais Valenciano (the region of our second home unit).


Finally the mosaic was grouted with white mass.

The new bathroom is part of the old house in Windeck and a hint to the transition of this place.