Apply for more information – FamiliaFeliz

If you are interested in our CFF (Community founder festival) 2020 please use the checklist below and add CFF to the subject in your mail.

If you are interested in visiting or joining our community,  please have a close look to the following link lists:

  • Charter of FamiliaFeliz group EL-DRAC (discussion|final draft| final version)
  • Interview with the co-founder Juan Petry on Vimeo
    (recorded in the color garden in 2016, featured by Mathijs de Bruin, NL)

If you like to join us for woofering, volunteering, internship or if you want to partizipate in our exclusive retreatment programm, please write to w e l c o m e /at/ f a m i l i a f e l i z . e u (do not use any more (please check out our conditions before you start to contact us).

We offer:

  • friendship
  • free accomodation
  • free food (all, vegetarian, vegan – depending on home unit)
  • one sleeping place (house, caravan, tend – depending on home unit and season)
  • Internet access
  • access to knowledge in permaculture, bio gardening, poultry keeping, bee keeping, medicinal plants, dye plants, bio construction, art technics, programmation (html, php, delphi…), languages and more…

We want:

  • creative independet people (25+)
  • willing to work 5 hours per day, 6 days per week (sunday free)
  • willing to join daily life activities like cleaning and cooking


  • basic skills one of these languages: english, german, spanish (castellano)
  • resident in Europe or traveling with a valid visa
  • a valid health insurance

Please follow these checkliste when you apply by mail:

  • mail to > w e l c o m e /at/ f a m i l i a f e l i z . e u
  • subject > application as ( wwoofer / short term guest / long term guest / internship / new member)
  • let us know about your …
    • age
    • nationality
    • favorite languages
    • reason / motivation
    • ideas for your own projects
    • favorite arrival and departure dates (earliest 3 weeks, latest 10 weeks after today)
    • Your MBTI (which you get here)
    • handicaps or personal needs and limitations

Notice: For your security we do not use forms from this website. Only after receiving your call or mail we will start communication with you.